Q&A with Kane Mousah

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MMA fighter and BADR Boss, Kane Mousah, sits down with us to talk about his inspiration, plans for the range and his fighting career.

What inspired you to create the brand?

BADR is inspired by both me and Carl, we’ve both faced adversity in our lives, and BADR evolved from us fighting through it. Carl had found success with Gym King and he came to me with an idea for a brand inspired by fighters. He analysed my fighter persona and based the BADR Sport brand around it – it’s strong, ambitious and a dangerous rival in the industry.



Why call it BADR?

Carl originally came up with the BADR acronym and the word itself says it all. It’s all about being a BADR man, BADR than the rest and BADR than you. We want our customers to see themselves in the brand and represent the strength and competitiveness that we strive for.

What’s your favourite BADR item?

It’s got to be the BADR tracksuit with the logo running through the hood. It’s unique and something that we hadn’t seen before when we added it to the range. We currently offer it in our signature shades, black, grey red and orange – we’re also hoping to bring out a fitted version later down the line.

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What’s next for BADR?

Our new season collection is coming and we’ve refreshed many of our most popular styles, expect new tracksuits, jumpers, sport vests and shorts as well as new styles of hats and a range of matching outfit options.

Are you planning a women’s clothing range?

Yes! We’re currently brainstorming what we want to do with the women’s range and we want to push it out later this year. There’s a lot of interest in the brand from female supporters and we want to make sure we work with the right people to represent the BADR brand.

Let’s talk about your fighting career, most people know you as Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah – So, how did you get into fighting?

I started when I was 18, my uncle was the one who really inspired me to get into it and I took it from there.

Do you have a favourite fight?

I would say the fight with Alex Enlund has been my favorite to date. He was the highest rated opponent that I had faced at that point and I was the underdog. I think that was the moment where I proved myself as a fighter.

What about your worst fight?

Got to be my fight with Mark Diakiese, that was the biggest learning curve for me as a fighter. It definitely made me focused on improving and I used it as an opportunity to sharpen my skills.

What’s next for you?

We’re currently finalising some contractual details so nothing confirmed yet, but watch this space.


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Thanks Kane – want to find out a little more about the BADR Bosses, then check out our Q&A with Carl Garnett.


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