Q&A With Carl Garnett

Carl Garnett - BADR Sport

This week we’re catching up with one of the BADR founders, Carl Garnett, to find out what inspired him to create the BADR brand and lead the BADR takeover.

Hi Carl, let’s go right back to beginning – what inspired you to start your career in men’s fashion?

To be honest I’ve always been interested in fashion, especially American style clothing. I’ve always stood out from the crowd thanks to my style choices and I was into breakdancing so that influenced what I wore. I always liked Bape and Billionaire Boys Club so I took a lot of my own style influence from that too.


A lot of people know you from your work with Gym King, so what have you learned about the industry since starting out?

I think the main thing I realised was how much money was in the clothing industry and how many brands are competing for the top spots and failing. I’ve always been interested in the creative side of things so I work a lot with developing brands and logos. I realised early on that in order to succeed you need to have a story behind the brand, that’s what sets you 

Carl Garnett 1apart – not just having a name and a flashy logo.

You, Kane and Roger are the driving force of the brand, What inspired you to join forces and create the BADR brand?

The three of us have all faced adversity in our lives, whether it’s in business or personal. Kane is a massive inspiration to us in this respect, he’s turned his life around and became who he is now and we wanted to capture that with BADR. We also wanted to combine fighting and fashion in an authentic way, creating a proper rival in the industry.


What drew your attention to Kane to use him as the BADR inspiration?

I actually met Kane when he modelled for us at Gym King, we built a relationship really quickly cause he was so easy going and we got along really well. He brings a different perspective to the brand and is someone I trust to drive it forward.

What makes the BADR brand stand out from the rest?

There’s not many brands in the industry that are aimed at fighters but can still be worn by anyone. We capture the spirit of fighting to create a BADR lifestyle and that, plus our brand story is definitely what makes us different.

Fave BADR items to wcarl garnett 2ear on a night out?

It’s got to be the black BADR jeans with our classic black takeover tee.

Fave BADR items to wear day to day/the gym?

Probably the black Captain joggers, black Irish vest and black trucker cap.

What can we expect from the new BADR collection?

We’re looking to get into creating BADR training gear, with performance vests and t-shirts for the gym. There’s also plans for a BADR Kid’s range too which will be a great next step for the brand.  

What can you tell us about your upcoming BADR campaign?

We’re just shot our latest campaign which will be released soon, we don’t want to give it all away yet so here’s one of our spoilers for now.


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Finally, which celebrities would you like to see wearing the BADR collection?

We definitely want to work with more fighters but if we got to pick our ideal BADR celebrities it would be people like Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva and The Rock – we can definitely see The Rock in our takeover vests!

Thanks Carl – if you didn’t catch it, make sure you read our Q&A with Kane Mousah.

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