Health & Fitness For The BADR Man

At BADR HQ we’re getting ready for the summer and who better to ask for health and fitness tips than our BADR boss, Kane Mousah. If you’re getting ready to jet off this summer, we’re going to be looking at how you can get the BADR bod you want with simple changes to your training schedule.

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The BADR takeover is going international, let’s make sure you’re ready to make an impression.

Kane, what’s the BADR approach to fitness?

For us, fitness means all round well-being and being the best version of yourself. BADR stands for ‘be a dangerous rival’ and in order to do this you need to combine being fit and in-shape with your appearance and how you feel within yourself. As a fighter, fitness also means being able to defend myself – you have to be strong physically and mentally to take care of yourself.

Who would you say is your fitness inspiration?

Without a doubt Georges St-Pierre, he stays in shape all year round and stays committed and focused on his training and his diet. He’s never seen without a six-pack and as a champion in my arena, he’s someone I really look up to.

Do you follow any diet plans?

My diet plan is being realistic. I don’t follow certain types of diet, it’s more about keeping it clean and and sticking to your goals. I like to stick to an 85/15 approach to the week – for 85% of it I am eating clean with organic, fresh foods like sweet potato, chicken and veg. You’ve always got to give yourself a treat though – we’re brought up to crave sugar and comfort food so I give myself that 15% to have something I enjoy.

Right, let’s talk gym. What advice would you give to those just starting out?

If you’re a beginner the big thing is just physically going into the gym, whether you go to a class or you’re starting to build you strength with cardio, the gym environment will keep you focused on what you’re there to do.

From there it’s all about introducing proper weight training to your schedule, start building up your confidence with weights and cardio before trying out some of the most advanced HIT classes.

The main issue people have in the gym is getting bored, that’s where you need to look for exercises that keep you interested. If you don’t like running, go swimming – as long as you’re moving you’re making those changes.

As a fighter, what would you advise people who want to get into fighting?

Head to a boxing gym, learn boxing techniques and start doing fighting warm ups and exercises with the bag and the pad. There’s plenty of gym classes based on fighting techniques that you can do too – it’s all about getting stuck in and learning the craft.

Any final advice for the BADR crew?

Listen, if you can find anything with a weight and run around with it you will start to see the difference. It could be anything from a bag of shopping to milk cartons, once you start doing this regularly you’re going to see benefits in your weight, blood pressure and general fitness.

Rome wasn’t built in a day so use your common sense. Stop eating the chips and pies, start choosing the sweet potato and grilled salmon. If you want a sweet treat, go for natural Greek yoghurt and honey rather than the chocolate. 45 minutes exercise a day isn’t a massive amount and the more you do, the better you’re going to look and feel about yourself.

It’s not hard, it’s the little changes.

Cheers Kane! We’ve got more BADR fitness tips coming up as we head into summer. Let’s get working on those BADR bods and get ready to represent on the beach.

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