Q & A

Kane Mousah 1 04/04/2018

Q&A with Kane Mousah

MMA fighter and BADR Boss, Kane Mousah, sits down with us to talk about his inspiration, plans for the range and his fighting career. What inspired you to create the brand? BADR is inspired by both me and Carl, we’ve both faced adversity in our lives, and BADR evolved from us fighting through it. Carl had found success with Gym King and he came to me with an idea for a brand inspired by fighters. He analysed my fighter persona and based the BADR Sport brand around it – it’s... Read More

Carl Garnett - BADR Sport 27/02/2018

Q&A With Carl Garnett

This week we’re catching up with one of the BADR founders, Carl Garnett, to find out what inspired him to create the BADR brand and lead the BADR takeover. Hi Carl, let’s go right back to beginning – what inspired you to start your career in men’s fashion? To be honest I’ve always been interested in fashion, especially American style clothing. I’ve always stood out from the crowd thanks to my style choices and I was into breakdancing so that influenced what I wore. I always liked Bape and Billionaire... Read More