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Three BADR Sport Models Stood Outside 07/08/2018

10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Get Back in The Gym

When you’ve worked hard all year on getting your summer bod, it can be easy to let things slip when you’re back from your summer holiday. Keeping on top of fitness is key and if you’re wanting to live the BADR lifestyle all year round, you need to get your head in the game and get back in the ring. We’ve asked the BADR team for their top 10 tips for getting motivated when you’re having a fitness slump and how to get yourself back to the gym. Eat Right... Read More

3 male models on photoshoot in BADR Sport clothing 26/07/2018
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6 Top Tips From BADR Sport For Men’s Airport Fashion

Whether you’re flying off on holiday or going on a business trip, you need to make sure your airport looks are fresh and designed to keep you comfortable. From long haul flights to short trips, BADR clothing is a great choice for any jet setter and we’re going through some of our favourite airport fashion tips to make your travel planning a breeze. Layer Up When you’re travelling to a different country, you need to prepare for any weather which is why layers are key. Our favourite travelling look is... Read More

BADR Sport Dubai Photo Shoot. 3 male models wearing BADR Sport SS18 clothing. 25/06/2018

As Seen On: Spotted In BADR Sport

The BADR revolution is here and we’re taking it international. From Ibiza to Dubai, the BADR takeover is bringing in more recruits – including some familiar faces spotted wearing their favourite BADR sport gear. A post shared by BADR SPORT® (@badrsportltd) on Jan 31, 2018 at 12:21pm PST Birmingham rapper Mist is blowing up right now and he’s looking fresh in the BADR basketball vest. One of our signature styles, the basketball vest is perfect for holidays or training days when you want to rep the BADR style. Mist is... Read More

BADR Sport Dubai 29/05/2018

Top 5 Holiday Destinations For The BADR Man

Summer is here and it’s time to show off the results of your hard work, we’ve got you covered with the clothing and Kane’s health and fitness tips but where will you be repping the BADR takeover this year? We’ve asked the BADR team for their favourite holiday destinations, from the best place to have a lads holiday to those bucket list destinations that need to be seen to be believed. A post shared by BADR SPORT® (@badrsportltd) on Jul 19, 2017 at 12:47pm PDT Ibiza You can’t beat Ibiza.... Read More

Gym Kit Kane 04/05/2018

The Ultimate Gym Kit – Upgrade With BADR Sport

If you’re wanting to get in shape the BADR way, you’re going to need the gear to look the part. Our gym range combines performance with savage styles, designed to set you apart from your competitors on your journey to being a dangerous rival. A post shared by Kane Mousah (@kanem14) on Oct 5, 2017 at 3:59am PDT At BADR, we don’t get ready – we stay ready, and we’ve picked out some of our gym essentials to create your go-to training wardrobe. From statement tees and vests to shorts, hoodies... Read More

Kane Mousah Fight History 26/04/2018

Kane Mousah – Fight History

19th May 2018 – BADR boss Kane Mousah is getting ready to step back into the cage against Robert Whiteford in Nottingham. While he’s in full training mode, we’re going to take a look back at The Danger’s fighting history, the wins, the losses and the journey that’s got him where he is today. The Stats Kane Mousah Nickname: The Danger MMA Record: 10-1 (WL) Weight Class/Last Weigh In: Lightweight – 155.9lbs Height: 5’10” Fighting out of: Manchester, England  MMA Fight Record Kane Mousah Event Opponent Date Pro Result ACB... Read More

Kane Mousah 1 04/04/2018

Q&A with Kane Mousah

MMA fighter and BADR Boss, Kane Mousah, sits down with us to talk about his inspiration, plans for the range and his fighting career. What inspired you to create the brand? BADR is inspired by both me and Carl, we’ve both faced adversity in our lives, and BADR evolved from us fighting through it. Carl had found success with Gym King and he came to me with an idea for a brand inspired by fighters. He analysed my fighter persona and based the BADR Sport brand around it – it’s... Read More

BADR Fitness 03/04/2018

Health & Fitness For The BADR Man

At BADR HQ we’re getting ready for the summer and who better to ask for health and fitness tips than our BADR boss, Kane Mousah. If you’re getting ready to jet off this summer, we’re going to be looking at how you can get the BADR bod you want with simple changes to your training schedule. A post shared by Kane Mousah (@kanem14) on Jan 2, 2018 at 9:30am PST The BADR takeover is going international, let’s make sure you’re ready to make an impression. Kane, what’s the BADR approach... Read More

Carl Garnett - BADR Sport 27/02/2018

Q&A With Carl Garnett

This week we’re catching up with one of the BADR founders, Carl Garnett, to find out what inspired him to create the BADR brand and lead the BADR takeover. Hi Carl, let’s go right back to beginning – what inspired you to start your career in men’s fashion? To be honest I’ve always been interested in fashion, especially American style clothing. I’ve always stood out from the crowd thanks to my style choices and I was into breakdancing so that influenced what I wore. I always liked Bape and Billionaire... Read More

How To Get The BADR Look 20/02/2018

How To Get The BADR Look Everyday

When we created BADR we wanted to be better than our rivals. We wanted to create premium menswear that you can wear in and out if the gym, with no compromise on style, quality or design. When you join the BADR takeover you’re joining the BADR lifestyle, wherever you go and whatever you do, there’s a BADR style to rise to the occasion. We’ve got the BADR team to pick their favourite styles from our current range for the gym, lounging at home and heading out on the town. When... Read More